Unitarian Universalist Church of OakCliff
Social Justice Ministry

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The UUCOC has a long-standing commitment to a just and equitable society. We are dedicated to social justice as part of our church life, and with the actions we take in our personal lives and the greater community.

We encourage one another and our community to "Stand on the Side of Love" whenever and wherever injustice is present.

As stated by our former Minister Mark Walz, "whenever the world is cleaved in two between love and fear, we must choose love." It is out of love for our country that we work to make it more fair. It is through abiding love for all people that we speak to amplify the voices of those who are hurting or oppressed. Our love for this planet and the life it supports urges us to take actions to repair it and protect our environment.

Through the efforts of our Social Justice Ministry and individual members we are involved in addressing a diversity of issues. We are working to further the principles of our faith, including peace, non-violence, social justice, social service, and respect for our environment. The UUCOC community is committed to fulfilling UU principles through direct service, and through work toward social change.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff
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