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DPJC Statement on President Trump's Decision to Withdraw U.S Troops from Syria

The Dallas Peace and Justice Center applauds President Trump's decision to completely withdraw U.S. troops from Syria accompanied by a drawdown of troop levels in Afghanistan. We are hopeful the Trump administration will empower diplomats at the U.S State Department, led by Sec. Mike Pompeo, to maximize the considerable “soft power" the United States wields to bring all warring parties and regional powers to the negotiating table to craft a durable peace. Concurrently, a massive humanitarian and developmental aid program must be launched immediately for beleaguered Syrian and Afghan civilians emerging from prolonged strife and devastation. 

An engaged United States that relies less on military solutions and more on diplomacy could be a powerful force for good in the world. Our knee-jerk response to an international conflict must not rely solely upon our formidable military prowess.  We are at our best and the world benefits most when we remain true to our highest ideals of participatory governance, respect for the rule of law, an independent judiciary, respect for human rights and dignity, and a free press. Recognizing that people worldwide aspire for the same freedoms, rights and ideals we take for granted lays a framework for collaboration, negotiation, and mutually beneficial solutions leading to peace and justice.


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