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Kinder USA:  Empowering Women Toward Successful Futures

Women from Gaza are selected to start up their own business. They are provided with everything needed to operate a successful chicken raising business, including 200 chicks, feed, and equipment, markets for their products, training and support. The successful business provides participants with food and earnings which improve their lives and the lives of their extended families – maybe 20 people. One of Kinder USA's representatives proudly reported to our Middle East Peace Committee that the program "has a 91% success rate!"

From their website:
"This year, KinderUSA is in the process of providing 34 women-headed households with 200 baby chicks to be farmed for sale on the open market. Women will also be provided the training and tools necessary to successfully raise the chickens and hatch eggs. During this process, the women learn indispensable information about running their own business and providing for their families.

From both previous stages of this important project and the current 34 women, KinderUSA will be purchasing the chickens and eggs for the Ramadan fresh food distribution, providing impoverished families with income to care for their own families. This process helps empower women to run their own business, boosts the local economy and provides food for more in-need families.

Once we move on, these women can look forward to growing their chicken farming business and become self-sufficient. This ensures their families’ food security in the future and provides a lifeline for families during these uncertain times."
For more details on the program and to donate, please visit their website:

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